CLAUSING-Colchester 13" Lathe sign-off?


I have a time-sensitive machining project that requires the Clausing lathe. Is there anyone that can get me signed off or let me know when the next class will be?

Thank you,
J.R. Morgan


If you have prior Lathe experience, you can be checked out in 10-15 minutes and authorized to use it without having to do the self study/quiz and three hour class. That can be done by myself, Tim Bene, Max Holthaus, Charles Proctor, Paul Morley and Thomas Fagan to name a few.
If you show up on Thursday evening there is a great likelihood that some one will be in that can do the check out.

If you need the class, that isn’t likely before next month; I am teaching mill later this month and plan to do a lathe class next month. Currently, I am not aware of any one else planning to give the lathe class in the near term.


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Yes! I will be there Thursday.

I have some machining lathe knowledge and a lot of wood lathe experience. I have already done the online portion.

I will be on the lookout for somebody. Thanks again.