Class this Saturday - Lost Wax Casting

Hi There, I am enrolled in this class and it says Saturday 6 pm to Sunday 12 noon, is there an agenda, class time? @nausser915

Class starts at 6 until about 7:30/8pm
We will return the next day around 11/12 for casting.

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I will go ahead and update the event with the information later.

In the future, events like this should be set up as multi-part events rather than a single long time booking.

Thank you. Do we have to do the keychain or can we bring something on our own?

If this is your first time casting at DMS you must do the class project first.

Last time I did it that way several people were confused and only attended 1 day. For that reason, I have opted to do it this way.

I get that, but usually extended classes are rejected because they screw up the calendar system a bit.

What I can do is make it so that multi-day classes have a very big bold/attention notice at the top of when registering for them to make sure people are aware.


I’ve never had anything rejected. However I believe the last time I used a multi day event the calendar would not allow me to copy that event.

Sorry, I should clarify - we might not/usually won’t reject it right away, however, if it is reserving a room or a tool and somebody else wants to use it during the off hours of the class, we will then reject/ force the event to change. The problem with making it a full single time like that is that it blocks anybody else from creating a class or an event for that room/ tool/ whatever during that time, which may not be an issue with jewelry – but is why we encourage using multi-parts instead (especially when a popular tool or room is requested).

If it fails to copy the event and stuff, I’ll go ahead and file a bug- you should be able to copy a multi-part event, If that doesn’t work then it’s unintentional imo and should be fixed…