Class Registration Closed - As Designed?

Hey, I noticed that my class for the Tormach says “Registration is closed for this event”. Only one person has signed up so far. There are four spaces available. Who do I contact in order to fix this?

Best Regards

Not sure what that is about.

Looks like I’ve been eliminated from viewing more details in the Calendar, but what I CAN see is that Cancellations must happen before Feb 4, 2024. Usually this closes registration, regardless of other choices made concerning registration.
@Team_Infrastructure should contain people with more permissions to view and/or assist with the logic the Calendar is currently applying.

I have been away from calendar issues for a long time, but I tend to believe you are right - setting a deadline to cancel also means a deadline to register.

It’s actually documented on the page but perhaps not too hard to miss if you’re not looking for it.

For now I set cancel to 0 days and it’s available again…



Thanks for helping out on this.

Ok guys, I will see you in class