Class -- interest check for 3/14/21

Somebody had talked about classes for non-members.

So – I’m thinking I’ll put up a class, membership not required, $5 class fee for clay, Sunday 3/14 3pm. I’ll do my old hand-building class – “Make a Thing”, wherein we make some object, student’s choice, normally from slabs.

Edited to 3/14/21. Sundays’ are the only I can do classes right now, and that’s the first one that’s “open”.


I say “put it up”! I think there is interest in non member classes.

Please make sure there is a follow up class for their glazing, and following up of them picking up there piece :+1:

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I have a non-member class on Thursday evening. We did not advertise it but it did get filled. I think the key will be to get the class up on our social media.

We also need to pick up clay bags, which I’ll do before class.

I was planning on working on glazing with these students individually when their pieces are ready

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I’m interested.