Civic Hacking Committee feat. Maptime Dallas: Apr. 15 6:30 - 8 PM

Hey gang,

There shall be a Civic Hacking meeting next Wednesday at 6:30 PM until 8 PM with an important item of business: it is time for committees to send their chairman appointments to the Board. In case anyone wants to wrest the chairmanship away from me, please come forth and nominate thyself, and we shall have a friendly joust (i.e. discuss the chairman position). Send in your nomination if you can’t make it.

Conveniently following our item of business, we will present our guests from Maptime Dallas for an encore, since it’s that time again – 3rd Wednesday of the month, Maptime Dallas night! We will be exploring Web mapping technologies once again in order to help people conveniently make online maps with little to no code. As next Wednesday is Tax Day, hopefully everyone will be finished with taxes (or have filed an extension… I hear that’s a great way to save on TurboTax :-P) and destressed enough to come play with some datasets and more, Leaflet.js, and/or other Web mapping technologies of your choosing. I hear we might have some datasets related to federal income and/or state business taxes to play with; how appropriate. :wink: And the offer from last time stands: if you make a cool map you want to print out, I will help you print it on our Wide Format printer and pay the printing costs.

Finally, in the news, the US Department of Homeland Security is partnering with two startup accelerators, including Tech Wildcatters in Dallas (and TechNexus in Chicago), to bring about innovative gear for emergency first responders. For those of you who are more interested in emergency response technology than open data technology (or perhaps bridging the two), and particularly if you already have prototypes, intellectual property, and a solid business plan, you should apply for funding & mentoring from Tech Wildcatters. Read more here:

I hope to see you on 4/15 at 6:30 PM!

Stephen Wylie
DMS Civic Hacking cmte chair