Circuit boards with lights in epoxy in a table

I put circuit boards in epoxy in a table, and that’s what is in this video. It has 15 LED lights, that go without electricity (yes, magic… ;-).


I want to see with incandescent light bulbs. :grin:

BTW, is it a non-trivial task to have attached videos launch in their own browser window? Seems like that’s been covered Once Upon a Time in Talk.

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If you click on the title of the video it does that

ooooo … I could imagine that whole center area filled with what looks like loose old timey bulbs on their side as just stored there … but they are actually LED lights and wired up … I love it

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Doh…oh the wasted years. Thanks.

I think there may be a way to modify the bulbs to run on low voltage instead of having 120v running everywhere. But I would need one to look at and take the end off.