Chris Wants to Know: What's a "Vapor Hone, and What's It Good For?"

Oh ok so you can use it with stuff like rusty part or painted stuff just not grimey or greasy?

It can be used in the prep process for material that needs to be power coated. It can strip power coating off of material that doesn’t pass QA.

Does it recycle the material it removes ie if someone blast a piece of steel and then I take a piece of aluminum to blast is it shooting steel micro pieces at the aluminum?

Yes, removed material becomes part of the blast media: as I mentioned earlier, there is no filter removing said material.

Vapor honing stainless steel after someone else did regular steel might well throw iron oxides at the stainless (or aluminum) surface. The vapor hone will NOT tend to remove undamaged steel from the surface, but micro particles are a possibility.

Note that blasted items are usually subjected to further treatment (sanding, prime/paint, powder coat, et al) after vapor honing, so this might not be that big a deal.

Stainless should be passivated to remove the chance of surface rusting after honing unless paint/powder coating is on the agenda.

Oh ok cool, and so I know big pieces are a no go for now but I belive @Team_Glass had a small oven so if that’s still available is @Team_Metal_Shop ok with the powder coating setup being used for small parts

Not a good idea, Some metals can be absorbed the in the kiln and on the shelves. This will discolor glass when fusing.

The Blacksmith kiln wiill be used for metals, It would be a better option.

No it was literally like a little toaster oven, that they got for I believe a temp replacement just for powder coating while we source, and get quotes for the new over

@hon1nbo do you know what he is referring to?

I mean for all intensive purposes let’s just say I bring in the toaster oven I have that I’ve used in the past to toast maple ask roast maple/thermally modify maple(irrelevant) but if there’s a small oven at the space is metal shop ok with the powder coating setup being used?

you didn’t just say that…

I believe the answer is yes, but that’s the call of chair @procterc

The powder coating spraying is done outside.

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We’re not talking about spraying, but rather the baking; the question is whether a member can bring their own toaster oven since we still don’t have a new oven on order.

Historically we have allowed this but asked whatever heating device is brought in be put in the welding bay

I think you’re allowed to use the toaster oven that Creative Arts has. I mean, you’ve got my permission. As Tails said, it’d be best to actually use it in the Metal Shop (at the moment). And take it back when you’re done. We have discussed that it’s not very big – not big enough for one of the yeti cups, for instance.

@meanbaby – he’s probably talking about CA’s toaster oven.


I never knew that! I find stuff like that interesting like when people say irregardless but I’d never heard that it’s supposed to be for all intents and purposes