Chop Saw Status


Would someone be so kind as to let me know if/when the chopsaw is back up? I have a 45 minute commute and a project that requires a lot of angled cuts and would like to not drive over if I can’t use it. If y’all need help getting it in place or refitting the cabinets I would be glad to help just let me know. Thanks!


Someone was using the Bosch in the wood shop today. That’s NOT the same as saying it is good working order…at DMS you buy your ticket and take your chances.


I had understood it to be down with bad bearings. That not the case?


They have bought a new Festool chopsaw but have not installed it into the cabinet yet as of yesterday. The old one is out of commission for a reason I am unaware of and if someone marked it as do not use I would just rather wait until I know it is safe to use.


at one point it wouldnt lock into position. not safe to use if thats still the case.


It may or may not have been fixed and put back into commission. Things go down/out of commission without public notice or explanation and, similarly, get fixed and put back into commission without public notice or explanation. Just saying some folks are using it at this point…


Festool Saw is installed and is a delight to use


Glad you enjoy it! (I actually ended up installing it to help out Mark since he was booked up with classes)