Chipped plaster mold

I was looking thru the molds and didn’t see a small slump mold hiding in a larger bowl and it fell out while moving the larger bowl.
It created a small chip along the edge. I think I can fix it. Is there any plaster available at the space. If not, I can use plaster of Paris and Elmer’s glue to fix.
Any suggests appreciated.

Tried copy and pasting photos. This is what I got.

While we should probably wait for Scott to weigh in (and I’ve forgotten his handle), my take is that it’s not a big deal for one of the slump molds. I know I’ve seen plaster around back there, but I can’t remember where.


If it can be repaired that would be great. If we need to replace it that should not be an issue. This is one of the items I wanted to talk about in our committee meeting on Tuesday. Getting together a list of items (tools, molds, etc.) that we need to purchase. We may need items for general use and items specific for classes. I would like to have enough general use tools that a beginner could get started without having to purchase a large amount of tools, or they can take a class and then have the tools available to practice what they learned in class.

If you have the piece that broke off, you can use tight bond 3 wood glue.

I never found the piece.

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