Change Last Name on Profile


I’m Benjamin Herrera,

I accidentally created my profile with a typo on my last name.
I don’t know how to modify it to fix this.

@dryad2b would you know to help with an issue like this?

That’s definitely a job for… @Team_Infrastructure ?? Or, maybe you just need to submit a ticket from your account.

Submitting a ticket through the billing portal (or emailing [email protected] from your billing email) would likely be the easiest/best way to get this fixed. Please include the correct spelling of the name in your request.

Benjamin, in which system did you want a profile change? Talk or your DMS account or somewhere else?

Well in all of them, I guess. They all have my last name incorrectly.

Thanks, I created a ticket.

You don’t have a last name submitted in Talk, so that one is clear.