Ceramics question

I came to a class over the weekend where we made a bowl. We left it partially covered so that I could come back today and cut it off the bat. It is my understanding that I need to put it on another smaller bat, but I failed to write down how long I need to leave it on this other bat drying and what the steps are after that. Anyone know? Thanks!

As long as its firmed up enough to move without warping you can move it to the small bat. Overnight should be plenty of time for it to dry out. Next step is to trim it. I think there’s a class on the calendar but I’m heading up in a few hours and can show you if you like

That would be great.
I’m heading up now and should be there by 1
I’ll be hanging out in creative arts after I cut it off the bat.

Sounds good. I need to stop by Tanners before I go in

Highly suggest you take the ceramics 100 and/or 101, 102, and 103 so that you are familiar with the process of your pieces and the ceramics space.

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That is my eventual plan. I was just trying to figure out what to do with the piece I had left sitting there drying.

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We’re calling the smaller, acrylic square pieces “ware boards”. I’m assuming that technically they’re not bats, because they aren’t drilled so that you can use them on the wheels.

Your piece can sit for up to 2 weeks on its’ original bat before “we” throw it out. I think we picked 2 weeks because by then it’s usually too dry to work. If you still wanted it at that point, you could move it to a ware board. You should put a piece of masking tape (blue or white) with your name and date when you first put your piece on the in-progress shelves. That piece of tape stays with your piece while it’s in progress. You get 30 days total to remove your piece from the in progress area. Unmarked pieces are subject to being tossed.

I think that’s all correct…