Ceramics Orientiation

Hi everyone! I’m a new member with DMS and fairly new to pottery. Very excited to join this community!
I saw there is an upcoming orientation on December 9th, but hoped to be able to get started sooner. I also saw there’s a Ceramics 100 course online. Can someone please advise if that online course is enough to clear me, or if I need to attend the orientation in-person?

If the latter, I would appreciate it if someone is available to meet for an earlier orientation :slight_smile:


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What is your availability this week? I am planning on being at DMS during the day on Wednesday and Friday. The orientation for one person takes between 30 and 45 minutes.

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Thanks! During what hours will you be in on Wednesday? Otherwise, I can be there Friday afternoon if that works for you.

Around 10 am to like, 4:30 or 5. I’ll be in Creative Arts.

The online course is sufficient.


Thanks! Since the online orientation is sufficient, I’ll just do that instead and won’t need to take up any of your time. Thanks for your help!

Although the online course is sufficient to get started, you should still go through the in person class. There is much more information provided in person and it gives you an opportunity to ask questions about how our space works.

I would highly suggest you also read the Ceramics main page for information and guidelines.

@dryad2b would you please attach the link to the ceramics main page for reference, thanks!

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Is that on Source or the Wiki?

I was hoping you knew. It used to be on the Ceramics Wiki page but I thought I heard it moved.

All indications are it’s still wiki-only for the getting-started info, though meeting minutes have been getting logged to source:



As always…… thank you :blush: