Ceramics Newbie

Hi! My name is Natasha and I am excited to learn all about ceramics. The few 100 classes are already full, but it doesn’t matter since the times conflict with my work schedule. Is anyone willing to hold a beginners class on Fridays or Saturdays?

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Lol, thank you. I thought it was under their board.

Hi Natasha,
Have you been through our Ceramics 100 yet? If not, go ahead and come to my class on June 22.

Thanks, April

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No, I haven’t. The classes that are up clash with my work schedule. I get off at 8 and won’t make it to Carrollton until 8:45. Thanks!

I can meet you up there on a Saturday evening then if that helps.

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When is a good time?

6pm would be good.


Awesome! Thanks!

Are you available tomorrow? Juneteenth celebrations are running long.

No worries. Late tomorrow might work

Thanks! That’s when I get off of work.