Ceramics Meeting Agenda 12/06/2022

Hi Makers!
This is just a reminder of what is happening for the upcoming meeting on Tuesday December 6th, and the meeting will be in the North Lobby Classroom at 6:30pm.

We will be covering the following:

  1. Reminder & Explanation for the Holiday Pot Swap
  2. Purchases that are pending for the space
  3. Progress on the Glaze Shelves
  4. Getting light in the flex area
  5. Dip Glaze location & cost
  6. Contribution to the space & community meet up days: Making new cookies & ware-boards, clean up days, volunteering to reclaim clay

At the end, there will be open conversation for anyone with new topics or ideas. We hope to see you all there! Happy Making!



@AnnaMarie I will be out of town that week unfortunately! Will there be a zoom link or if it’s easier for y’all, can I just call in so I can still listen to the updates?

Yeah, of course! Here’s the info on dialling in :slight_smile: hope to see you!