Ceramics Meeting 11.06 to-dos

Meeting to-dos

  1. Remove the reference to the pug mill from the wiki. This is done.

  2. change the wording about glaze contributions/donations. This is the current text on the wiki. Let me know if you wish it to be changed.


When using Ceramics committee glazes, we ask you to contribute what you feel is appropriate based on your usage (suggested donation: $1-$5).
*Contributions to the Ceramics department glaze box go towards keeping the shelf stocked with a variety of styles and colors. *
The contribution box is located on top of the glaze shelf.

Thanks for doing this. As a nit, I see that it still says “donation”. I suggest that be replaced with “contribution” since technically it’s not a donation.

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That was part of the discussion at the meeting. We focused on signage, and i believe the text was decided upon. I will update the wiki to reflect this.

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Actually, the vote was not to change the current process. There was discussion about the verbiage change but no vote or agreement it needed to be changed.

With that said I’m not sure that this change will adversely affect the group as a whole but I can only speak for myself on this.

It’s up to you and Brenda. ping me if you do want a change. @brendamvilla knows how to update the wiki as well.

Thanks for changing the wiki, John. Saves me some time :slight_smile:

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does it specify per piece?