Ceramics Department February Committee Meeting

We are having ceramics department committee meeting this evening at 6:30 PM. Will be meeting in the ceramics area this evening’s meeting.

This is the agenda for this evening’s meeting. If you cannot make it you’re welcome to call in to the conference call line.

  1. Call Conference Line 972-430-3155 20#

  2. Intro

  3. Sign In/Roll Call

  4. Team Leads Reports
    • Kiln Team Lead- Jamie
    • Plaster Cast/Slip Cast Lead- Beth
    • Glaze Lead- Beth (inventory) & Monica (purchasing)
    • Shelf Cleaning Lead- Sonya
    • Social Media Lead- Jamie
    • Party Planning Lead- Anna

  5. Old Business
    • New Kiln Update
    • January - RAKU firing for January 14th @ Off Site,
    • January - Cozy Clay with Pinch Pots @ DMS
    • February - Pit firing @ Scott Perry House
    • February - Piping Party @ DMS
    • March - RAKU firing @ Conners, date to be determined.
    • March – TBD @ DMS
    • May – TBD @ DMS
    • May – TBD @ Off Site

  6. New Business
    • Monthly Volunteer Recognition
    • Ceramics Department Leads Job Descriptions and Responsibilities
    • Purchases for the last 30 days. Clay, Wear Boards, Banding Wheel, Christie’s Stuff for Class, Wood for in progress backer.
    • Order Supplies
    • Kiln Shelf Corelight full shelf 1”x26” $130 & ¼” Post

  7. Any proposed topics to discuss that were not on the agenda.

I’ll be at work, so I won’t be in.

I would like a bit of direction. The dip glaze is getting a bit low. That’s around $150 to buy another batch. Should we go ahead and get another batch now?

I’m planning on ordering a gallon of Snow and the brushable Zinc-Free Clear. Maybe a couple of other glazes.