Ceramics Beginners Glazing 103 - Glazing Thrown and Hand Built Bisqueware Class on January 28th

@Synth83 hey! I just signed up for the class and am wondering if we need to bring a piece to glaze or if that’s supplied.

I also have a friend that wants to sign up but hasn’t taken ceramics 101. Is that okay or does she need to take that class first?

Hi Kathryn,
Welcome! Excited to have you! Did you read the class description (About this Event)? Sometimes its hidden and hard to get to. Here is a screenshot just in case.

Yes, ma’am. You must have a bisque glaze. Do you have a history of ceramics? I recommend signing up for a 101 level handbuilding or throwing ceramics class to get a piece. Also have you taken Ceramics 100? There’s a class on Sunday, 12-20 at 9am. Classes go up every day so keep your eyes peeled for a 101 level project class.

Other than the requirement of having your own piece of bisque ware to glaze, she should be able to come. She needs to be aware that the piece needs to mid-fire (Cone 5 to 6) stoneware – not low fire. Bisque that you can buy easily tends to be low-fire, and should say that it fires to Cone 04. That will melt in the kiln if you fire it to Cone 6. Or, the Cone 5/6 glazes will be matte and not develop their full color (if you only fire it to Cone 04).

We had one member that was told by the vendor that she could fire the bisque to Cone 6, and her really pretty pieces melted. They looked like a lot of work, too.

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Yes, I read it but was a little confused. I did miss the part about bringing a ready to glaze piece, so thanks for pointing that out! I have taken the ceramics 100 class. Do I need to take any others before this class? & my friend signed up for that ceramics 100 class before this one.

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Thanks @dryad2b that’s super helpful! I will make sure that both of our pieces are mid fire :blush: