Ceramics April Meeting

Our Ceramics committee meeting is on Tuesday April 2nd at 6:30 pm. Let me know if you would like to add something to the agenda.

  1. Call Conference Line 972-430-3155 20#

  2. Intro

  3. Sign In/Roll Call

  4. Team Leads Reports
    • Kiln Team Lead- Jamie
    • Plaster Cast/Slip Cast Lead- Beth
    • Glaze Lead- Beth (inventory) & Monica (purchasing)
    • Shelf Cleaning Lead- Sonya
    • Social Media Lead- Jamie
    • Party Planning Lead- Anna

  5. Activities
    • April @ DMS – Clean Up Day
    • April Off-Site-
    • May @ DMS -
    • May Off-Site - Fossil Hike Date
    • June @ DMS -
    • June Off-Site -
    • July @ DMS -
    • July Off-Site -

  6. Old Business
    • Photos on TV for Leadership Team Members (Teachers, Committee, Firing, etc)
    • 40 Glaze List
    • The Footer - Waiting on a volunteer to finish.
    • Purchases for the last 30 days. Class Clay

  7. New Business
    • Monthly Volunteer Recognition
    • 1222 Kiln Element Replacement
    • Supplies Needed to be ordered?
    • Committee Chair Elections in May
    • Recruiting New Committee Members
    • Committee Volunteer Positions
    • Ordering Bulk Clay for Members

  8. Any proposed topics to discuss that were not on the agenda.

Thank you,

Scott Perry
Ceramics Chair


Can we add to the agenda
Cone 5 firing?

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I will add it. What would like to discuss?

Still working s.l.o.w.l.y on glaze.

I’ll double-check the status of the dipping clear tonight.

For those who missed the ceramics committee meeting, I want to give everyone an update on what was discussed and upcoming events.

These are the upcoming events that we will be placing on the calendar.

• April 10th, 6 pm @ DMS – Clean Up Day / Make Test Tiles
• April 20th, 11 to 3 City of Carrollton Earth Day Celebration Pottery Demo
• April 28th Off-Site- Fossil Hike Date
• May 8th, 7 pm Off-Site – Happy Hour 3 Nation Brewing
• May 26th, 3 to 5 pm @ DMS – Pour overs and Pottery
• June 8th Off-Site - Pool Party
• June 22rd 1-6pm @ DMS – Ceramic Throwdown
• July 21st 3pm @ DMS - Ice Cream Social
• July Off-Site - Open

We have photos of the kiln firing team on the ceramic television. We still need to take pictures of the other team leads.

Monica is working on the list of 40 glazes to keep in stock. Kevin is working on a survey for members to vote on special glazes.

We voted to replace the heating elements in the Skut 1222 kiln that is failing.

We voted to restock the class kits and reorganize them.

We voted to sell white stoneware clay to members for $1 per pound in 25-pound bags. Any of the teachers or leadership committee members can make the sales. This is a convenience for members who cannot make it to Trinity during normal business hours and for new members to have Clay immediately available after taking a class.

We have committee chair elections coming up next month if you’re interested in running for the ceramics committee chair post to talk and let me know if you have any questions about the position.

We also have the following volunteer leadership positions. Vice chair, ceramics secretary, Ceramics education chair, ceramic teachers, ceramics lead kiln coordinator and team members, ceramics social media chair and team members, ceramics social activity lead and team members, ceramic purchasing of supplies lead, ceramic in progress shelf cleaning lead and team members, and special projects and ad hoc positions. These are all volunteer positions. Let me know if you’re interested in any of these positions.

We currently have volunteers committed to staying on for another 6-month term on the kiln team, purchasing, and in progress shelf cleaning.

We also discussed having special firings. If you’re interested in a special firing, talk with Jamie. They are planning a lower-temperature cone 5 firing in the next couple of months.

Thank you for all that attended the meeting.

Scott Perry
Ceramics Chair