Ceramics 201 Lidded Pots Class Date

I had to cancel my registration for Jan 5th class and wanted to register for Jan 8th class since that class works much better for me.

For some reason, it’s showing my registration for both days as cancelled. Could somebody help me out with getting registered for the Jan 8th class? Would be really excited to learn!

I wonder if the 2nd class is actually the trimming class, not the throwing class. @Pcperk?

Yes, for the most part the second class is trimming and fitting the lid.

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So – that’s actually a 2 part class. You throw the cylinder that you’re already capable of throwing and learn the lid. Then on Jan 8 you’ll do the trimming part. So technically you need to show up for both Jan 5th AND Jan 8th.

2 part classes are a weirdness in the Calendar. A teacher can set them up, and they’re linked (which is why cancelling 1/5 also cancelled 1/8), but it doesn’t really show you that.

oooooo got it!! Aw man my reading skills are lacking I guess😓 I didn’t pay attention to that. Is the class full now or can I get my spot back on both dates? @Pcperk

He’d have to kick someone out :frowning: but i bet he will put up more classes or he’d meet with you one on one. Clark @Pcperk is very passionate about helping our experienced throwers upgrade their skills so I bet he will work with you. :slight_smile:

Hi Megan,
Not sure if we have met but glad that you are interested in my class. The class is designed for potters with proficiency in making forms quickly and now want to elevate the thrown form with a fitted lid.
If you can throw a pot 6” or taller and do it quickly, say 10 minutes or less, you should totally sign up.
Suffice to say this class is not for potters still learning to throw. The purpose of class is to add a new technique for intermediate potters.


Thanks for getting back to me Clark! I’m pretty confident I could throw a 6" or taller pot quickly; however, since I messed up the registration for your class, I will wait on the next time you host another class like this! Until then I’ll just practice :slight_smile: Looking forward to it!

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ha! Yes, girl!! @Pcperk she’s kind of a prodigy! seriously.

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