(Ceramicist) Help redrilling and threading bat hols for bat pins


I could really use the help of an experienced machinist for re-drilling and threading the holes in my wheel head.

If you’re unfamiliar, a potters wheel has a ~16 in diameter metal wheel. I believe it’s cast, with 3-4 integrated struts. The wheel head itself is only about 1/4" which, but if you drilled through the struts it’s at least 1 1/4" thick. From the factory, there are two holes drilled through the wheel head and struts that are threaded to receive two machinist screws, which are used to secure attachments called bats. My issue is that the holes in my wheelhead are ever so slightly off center, so my bats rotate wonky when the wheel is turned on.

I could really use some help precisely redrilling and threading two holes in my home wheel. Two holes need to be precisely 90° and exactly equidistant from the center. I can take the wheel off and bring it to DMS, but I don’t have the expertise or confidence to undergo this project myself. It would really be amazing if I could get some help with this.

You posted this under the Haas cnc category but while these holes could be done in a cnc machine I think the most efficient way would be for them to be set up and drilled would using the Bridgeport . 16 inches is pretty big for our equipment but since you are drilling holes spaced from the center the actual working stances would be less than 8 inches . Precisely locating two holes from a center location in a precise array is something that most machinists can easily help with . Maybe a tool time with time project for a thursday. It could be an interesting instructional topic with work holding , layout and DRO management issues to discuss . @TBJK can probably tell you more . I can help as well.

This is great. Should I repost in a Bridgeport thread?

No. Kevin has already moved it to the Machine Shop category. It should be pretty straightforward