Ceramic Kiln News - September 2023

Please follow this thread to determine if your items are ready for pick up. Please pickup your piece(s) ASAP, we are a very busy community and need the room to unload kilns when ready.

If your piece has a star in it, the item is being marked for our 30-day guideline. Please put the stars back in the glass dish on the shelf after collecting your piece(s).

As a reminder there is no personal storage on our shelves or in the Ceramics space, that means bisque items should not be on the In Progress shelves. Please be mindful of other community members and use a ware board that fit the size of your piece, this will allow more room for makers to make.

If you have a piece that’s been “missing”, please double check the Needs Attention thread and shelf. Your piece will have a note attached as to why the kiln team did/can not fire, it is important that you fix the issue in order for your piece to be fired. Continuing to place your item on the shelf for firing without fixing the issue will not result in an ultimate firing of your piece.

If you need assistance or other options to achieve your desired results, please consult the wiki guidelines for firing or reach out to the community for further information.

Thank you!


Hey April can I have the “m” back that I made for the wall so I can decorate. I know it was sitting on the shelf for a week or two but it was not anywhere near the throw out date and was taken without asking me.


Hi Madison!
It was sitting on the shelf for quite awhile and we did ask for it to be done by August 1st (allowing 2 months for it to be finished). We personally asked April & Steve to finish it because we had not seen you or Lambo in awhile. They have probably already started decorating it. If this bothers you, then we will just ask them to complete the project from start to finish.

I understand it was sitting there for bit but I was told that the august date was flexible. I also wish that I was asked before it was just picked up by someone else. According to the rules that’s not really what is suppose to happen. If it’s still not decorated I would like it back if possible so I can decorate it.


If it is that important, i will place it back on the bisque shelf.

Thank you. I appreciate it.

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it was done 28 days ago per picture…we only had it for a few days :slightly_smiling_face: Have fun decorating it.

Gotcha. Thank you for letting me know.


Ive been out of town unexpectedly a decent amount this month and therefore haven’t been at the space to finish painting the letter, however I still do not understand why there was not a thread or message sent to Madison or I in regards to someone else taking our work. Finishing the letter for us isn’t “that important”, it is the principle in which you all decided to handle it. As Madison said, a simple message would have been nice, not an explanation after the fact. There are signs stating not to touch others work, and that rule was clearly broken. This message is not to come across rude, however, if there are rules in place that you all would like the community to follow, then they should be followed my all levels of members.


agreed. not that anyone asked for MY opinion. but a simple text or message on the thread could have avoided all of this. :speak_no_evil::hear_no_evil::see_no_evil:

HAPPY FRIDAY! HAPPY SEPTEMBER! :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:


Also being posted in the kiln thread 28 days ago would mean that it was August 4th, making a completion of August 1st impossible.


I think it does set a bad precedent to have others take home someone’s work - regardless of what it is. A new M should probably have just been made rather than taking someone else’s work if there was a deadline to be met for them, but hindsight is 20/20.

In addition - the M was shown in a previously posted picture of full shelves in which it was stated people had until 9-9 to collect those pieces. So it should not have been touched until September 9th at the earliest, at which point it should be (I assume) tossed out. Even if it could not be used for the ceramics letters I think it would’ve been a fun piece for Madison to display at home since her name does start with M!


Ceramics has had this system for years. I’m sure if you’d like to volunteer to personally notify people they’d be happy to let you :slight_smile:

Hi everyone,
This is entirely my fault, not April or Steve. I gave them the letter because it wasn’t finished by august 1st, which was a generous deadline when @blooberry said yes to the project in early June. Even though this is a community project, I did break the rule of not touching someone else’s work. Sorry. Won’t happen again. I will reach out via talk if things ever need to change again. The letter is already back at the space and Madison is intending to finish it. If anyone needs to discuss it further please DM me so people can find their items in this thread.

Unloaded bisque from paragon tonight:


I’m fully aware, as ive been a member for a while now, thanks. the M should not have been touched until after 30 days … which it had not reached yet. even for a project for the department …


Yes. My point was that having to notify people is just going to open a can of worms.

Glaze kiln

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Unloaded the bisque from the paragon

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Unloaded bisque!