Ceramic goblet class

Class is up for two part goblet class, Thursday 6/6/24 (tomorrow).
Hope to see you there.



These are so pretty! Love the shapes and glazing


As you can imagine, we have a few of these at home, they are great. Dishwasher safe and way more durable than regular wine glass.


Lol, thanks, they’re great for glögg (mulled wine).


I still use and love mine - it is dishwasher safe and very durable. :slight_smile:

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I wish i could have taken it…maybe next time.

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It’s tonight, but I’ll put another one up soon, what is a good time?

Late sunday afternoons :eyes:

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Hi! I tried to enroll for the class on June 23rd, but it is not showing I have my wheel pre-req. I have done classes elsewhere and attended one of Jamie’s intro to wheel classes, but it was when someone no-showed, so I wasn’t on the official class roster. Can we get my account updated with that pre-req? Thanks!!

Ok cool, @jamierazzz do you know how (or know who) could add @mjoyartistry to the wheel throwing pre-req list? Thank you