Ceramic Beauties - Post your successes!

Dragon inkpot Argent II –
The “oil spot” technique of Snow over Obsidian doesn’t work well on small surfaces. Last time was rather streaky. So this time I applied the Snow in polkadots.

@Julie-Harris – we had talked about this, ages ago.

The polkadots are heavy drops of Snow, with a medium coat of Snow over all, to help it blend.


I like the spot dabbing vibe! It’s like scales.

I experimented a bit with the Snow over ‘X’ Celadon for the faux oil spot technique. I found that the thicker the Snow, the bigger and more defined the effect. In the closeup you can see that it’s most effective where the snow pooled more at the bottom of the drips. The Snow doesn’t actually run as much as it looks like (though it does a little and that might be tricky with very small pieces), the ‘drips’ are part of the initial glazing.

This following one didn’t run at all, it is the bottom bowl in the second photo. I’ve personally had good luck with Obsidian, Storm and Rainforest but I bet most of the darks would work well.


Well I made my very first slab tea pot with Christy last night. I think I’m going to call it my bowler hat teapot. It’s kind of misshapen, but it’s my first one. I’m hoping the glaze will cover up the imperfections. Thanks for the class. I’ll post it when glazed.



Lovely pieces!

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I’ve wanted to try watercolor effect. Can’t wait to try it out on my next underglaze transfers!!!


My first attempt at “galaxy” glazing.

Stripes top to bottom over Obsidian (Amaco): Textured Turquoise (Amaco), Raspberry Mist (Mayco), and Blue Midnight (Amaco). Clay body is Trinity brown stoneware, I think. Raspberry Mist was applied last, overlapped the other two stripes.

Not sure why the blues disappeared, but I still like the effect.


That is interesting. In general, brown clays “kick up” some of the blues. Looks like the combo of the iron from the brown, and the cobalt from the Obsidian came up … brown…

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A couple bowls, buff colored stoneware clay body with four glaze layered combination of Amaco Deep Sienna Speckle, obsidian, Mayco cinnabar and nutmeg (recipe from glazy website).


Columbine clay from New Mexico with Chocolate clay flowers and pink mason stain colored Columbine clay flowers. GROOVY!!


Love a good flower mug!

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Definitely not a beauty but hey, its a tardigrade living in the weeds and I like it :slight_smile:

Thanks @Christykaake

(Edit, i used seaweed and deepsea glazes with some amethyst underglaze on the tardigrade)