Ceramic Beauties - Post your successes!

Hi All,

We thought it might be nice to have a thread where folks could post their Ceramics successes.

If you love something you did and would like to share with your fellow potters, here is where you do that.

Post a picture
Tell us about your making process
Clay body
Specific techniques

Learning new things is JOY


Two different clay bodies. The lighter color is called quarry ash, and the darker is loca mocha. 2 coats of Amaco Snow on the beards, two coats of my favorite Mayco glaze Midnight Rain on the hats. Midnight Rain is a runner so be careful!

The quarry ash gnome has a little iron oxide on the nose.



My little painted plates came out well, and I got a lot of positive feedback at the Lubbock Moonlight Market on this piece. The image is free handed from the closing scene of the horror film “Midsommer.” It’s cinco blanco clay with velvet underglazes, and Mayco clear over that. The painting took about 30-40 minutes. I’ll be experimenting more with this floral thing in the future, I had a great time making it.


Midnight rain- I thought I was looking at layered glazes here. Very cool :cloud_with_rain:


I make a fermentation pot in the Korean Onggi style (appearance). Used Buffalo wallow clay and covered the whole piece in Speedball black underglaze. Then went over that with stroke n coat tuxedo black, thicker at the top getting thinner towards the bottom reverse the process for the lid. I then sprayed on a very thin coat of bronze temmoku mayco glaze to give some additional sparkle.


New plant pots out of the kiln. The surface decoration was lots and lots of underglazes and clear glaze.


Soooo pretty Rebecca :heart_eyes:

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I’m so impressed with the glazing! It must have taken a lot of time and patience! :star_struck:


I’ve fallen in love with water coloring effects.

This one is an underglaze transfer with water colored underglaze highlights then zinc free clear.

This is varying degrees of watered down black underglaze dripped/splashed then clear zinc free over it all.


There is some great work being accomplished…post your successes and share your process! Learning new things is JOY.

loved this movie! saw these on the shelf and fell in love. It really does look like Dani from Midsommar

My little peacock cup was made with white stoneware clay, lots of underglazes on the outside to paint the peacock design, June Bug glaze in the inside, and I painted clear over just the peacocks and left the rest of the outer walls bare.


Fabulous work!

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This was mostly just to mess around and see if I could get away with a white stoneware handle on a mug made of loca mocha, and I am pretty pleased! The antler just has a light coat of satin white, the mug itself is two coats of Seaweed and one coat of Oatmeal. There’s a bit of pinholing going on unfortunately, but look how pretty that glaze combo is over a dark body :star_struck:


Absolutely gorgeous

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There is fabulous work coming out of the kilns….tell us about them please!

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Here are a few I’ve noticed lately……share your process with us


Made by @Steve1…wheel thrown……t mix…Speedball underglazes……inside Coyote’s Light Shino…outside airbrushed with Amaco clear.