Cerakote and Soft Metal Repair Assistance Needed

I am also posting this in the Hatcher’s Armory forum.

Is there anyone at DMS who does Cerakote? I have aluminum and brass die-stamped parts for my Nikon F2 cameras that are in need of refinishing.

Also, does the Jewelry Lab have small burnishing tools for soft sheetmetal forming (removing small dents and dings)?

Does the lab have micro-welding equipment?

Well, they’ve got the Hydro-flux torch. It produces a fairly small flame.

Yes we have a few burnishing tools. However we don’t have a spot welder at this time.

We did recently aquire a laser spot welder, but it is not operational at this time and no firm timeline on if and when we can get it working.

I think it depends on what you want to call “welding”. And what pieces of metal you want to join together.