Casting Class (online part 1) - significant update

The self-study portion of the casting class has been updated to incorporate the new (to us) Romanoff J4 Lite caster. This caster has digital temperature controls and casts in an inert (argon) environment to improve casting quality.

Remember that if you’re signed up for the upcoming class on 2/17 that this online class is a pre-requisite to attend. We allowed people to register for the class but set it up on the honor system that you will actually take the self-study portion before coming to the studio portion.

If you’ve already completed the class you do not need to re-take the course but if you plan to participate in future casting labs you might benefit from reviewing the CAST section, which covers the specifics of the new machine. Aside from the fact that it spins with molten metal, it bears little resemblance to “Blue”.

Another reminder about the upcoming class/lab on 2/17 … The class description contains the following information:


We have limited flasks for the new casting machine. If you are previously trained by our DMS course and plan to come cast with us, you must make arrangements in advance with the instructor in order to secure a flask(s) for your use (@john_marlow on talk). As always, for non-student participants there is a $5 per flask fee and you bring your own metal (Must be casting grain).

As of this writing, there is one flask that is not yet allocated.


I tried to complete the self study and it didn’t pass the first screen… message is “ You can not enrol yourself in this course”

I m not enrolled on “in person class” this time but I want to take the next one. What is the link for the pre-requisite class, please?

Were you actually logged into the module (with your username)?

Yes, I m logged with my username.

Here is a message saying that I m connected as myself:

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I get the same thing. And I already took the course before.

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Sigh. For some reason Moodle isn’t doing what (I think) it’s supposed to. Until I can get it figured out, I can do manual enrollments. I manually enrolled you and @yeda (and also the other three students for next weekend).

Good morning,

I completed Pressurized wax injector for casting course last night and I have access to lost wax casting part I.

Thank you for your help,