Car Lift Help Thurs 3p

Hello! I’m going to install a trailer hitch on my Kia Soul Thurs (tomorrow) at 3:00p. It’d sure help if someone could operate (or show me how) the vehicle lift. :slight_smile: Anyone familiar w it plan on being around then?

p.s. I see there’s a car lift class tomorrow too. But I’ll be teaching another DMS class at that time.

You would need lift training to operate the vehicle lift.
No other lift certified member can do this for you.
If you haven’t already, members using automotive also need Auto 101 training, aside from lift(iirc).
@worldcloud usually gives the training if @tlar does not have it scheduled.
There are others who are authorized by the auto committee too.

Please read thru the ff. link:


That’s good to know! Thank you. I look forward to taking the class.

You’re welcome. :blankspace:

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