[CANCELLED CLASS 2-12] Learn to spin yarn


I’m posting here to cover all bases.

I have a family emergency and need to cancel my yarn spinning class on Tuesday.

I’ve reached out to students and am waiting to hear back from a few.

I edited the event title to read Cancelled, and a note at top of description, BUT I will wait to officially hit the red cancel button until I’ve confirmed all the students (full class) have the message.

PLEASE don’t get helpful and delete it from the calendar listing yet, just in case a student happens to check there first before they see my attempt to reach them. I’ll clean up the calendar once all is squared away

On a related note…some of you have been aware that my father-in-law has battled cancer for several years, and gone much farther than the doctors said he would. He’s even been on hospice longer than expected. But his time is here. :confused:



No need to delete the class. Just change the room to “offsite” and the tool if you selected one to “no tool.”