Can we cut acrylic with MultiCAM?

I have not signed up for a MultiCAM class yet, but once I get certified I would like to cut some acrylic sheets into various shapes for a set design project.
I read on the wiki that it cuts acrylic, but I noticed on the calendar that “Wood Only” is in the title of the class.
Do I need a separate class for acrylic?


It’s my understanding that there is an advanced class for cutting plastics. After you get certified. Depending on the thickness you may be able to do what you want on the laser.

Depending on the thickness let’s will cut it very cleanly and with almost no kerf

Acrylic is tough on the multicam. You have to be aggressive with your feeds to keep the bit cool, or it will load up bad. The advanced class covers chip load as part of plastics.

But in general, acrylic is better done on laser, but polycarbonate works well on the multicam, and is prohibited on the laser.

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Acrylic cuts like butter on the laser and you’re left with fire-polished crystal clear edges. That’s with extruded acrylic. My understanding is that cast acrylic, while more expensive and ostensibly “better,” doesn’t cut quite as cleanly (but does cut fine). Cast is supposed to be better for etching/engraving.

I’ve had great luck with 1/4" acrylic and if you’re cutting that or thinner, you’ll have faster and cleaner results on the laser. I can’t speak for thicker material.

In addition to the notes above about the additional class: I don’t know what we have for plastic bits for the Multicam. I’m using a single-flute spiral ‘O’ bit (my own) on HDPE and the results are stunningly good. That bit is supposedly good for acrylic too but I haven’t tried it.

I’d be happy to meet you up there to make some test cuts in your material so you can see if you even want to pursue it (the Multicam I mean). Unfortunately I’m not a trainer and too new at it to even try to be one, so you’ll need to wait for the class or find someone willing to do a one-off with you. Let me know if you want to do this (test cuts).

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If I’m remembering correctly, cast acrylic has a much more glass like finished edge than extruded, when cut with the lasers. Reducing or turning off the air assist contributes to this remember to turn air assist to full output when you’re done!

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It’s actually the other way around. Extruded acrylic gains a glass-like polished edge while cast is a bit rougher with tiny striations along the cut edge.

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Agreed. Extruded really is “melty”. It is why you cannot raster an image in it - it just glosses over. very clean edges though.

Acrylics can be done. We did have an advance class, but I believe @Tapper taught it just a couple of times. i do not know if anyone else teaches it.

There is a multicam sig. i don’t know how to tag them though for this thread. They would provide the best advice.