Can anyone here put a new edge on some kitchen knives?


just like the title says. I spend most of my time in the woodshop and haven’t had any training in metal. Needing to put a new edge on some knives and wanted to know if anyone here is willing, able, and not expensive.


When you say a new edge, do you mean reshaping (say a straight edge to one with a curvature) or just sharpening? (I’m assuming they are beyond honing)

For shaping I’d talk to one of the knifemakers in Blacksmithing. For sharpening there are some excellent stones and steel next to the woodshop door of all grades for the purpose. I would offer to help but I’m out of town for a little while though I’m sure lots of people would be willing to help.



Can you post up pictures of the knives?

I may can help you with this


There’s also a knife sharpening class tomorrow night
It currently shows as full, but if you were to show up and Peter has a no-show, you and your knives could jump right in. And my experience is that odds of at least one no-show is inexplicably high.


I’ve been getting better attendance rates lately, but yeah there’s always at least one no-show.

@Reuben_Veytsman I am scheduling another sharpening class on the 18th where I’ll be happy to teach you, otherwise if you would like to hire me as a freelancer, I am happy to do that as well.