Campervan Electrical System

Hi! In January I got a new Ford Transit Trail cargo van. I’m from Seattle but took it to Orlando to work on it in the sun :slight_smile: . Found a great maker space there and one guy who helped me make a bed. Anyway, before I join DMS I’m wondering if there are any other van people here, or anyone who might be able to help me install an electrical system, etc. I’m thinking of following the instructions for the ‘high power’ 12 volt system from these guys:

Thanks, Dave P.
(FYI, I’m 68, taught English in Asia 25 years, professional guitarist, had Apple support business 20 years…)

There’s this:

I can help, but you’ll do the work.


Welcome! Just to clarify, are you and the van in Dallas or Orlando?

I’m currently in Graham, a couple hours east of Dallas. There’s a place to work on vans (and school buses), here…but it’s far from perfect.

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FYI I left the “van workshop” (hardly), place east of Dallas and am now in Dallas. I joined DMS with the intention of finishing my electrical system here. I’d be happy for any interest/help from anyone who knows anything around DMS that could be of use.

Hi ozindfw, FYI I’ve now come to Dallas (from a disappointing place a couple hours east which was supposed to be a place to work on vans), and joined DMS, which is where I now sit. There’s probably a schedule posted somewhere (will look next), but: Are " Electronics Office Hours" a regular thing? And/or: Is there a time when you’d be here when I could discuss my van electrical system with you? Thanks, Dave Peterson

Roughly every other week subject to the vagaries of my schedule. Next is Tuesday and then about three weeks after that since I’ll be out of town for a bit.

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Follow up:Through a Victron group on Facebook I met a guy in Alvord (north of Decatur, about an hour north of here), who installs mobile electrical systems for a living. So, last Friday and Saturday I was at his place and we (95% him), managed to get most of my electrical system installed and, most importantly, my air conditioner hooked up and working.
In a few days I’ll receive 2 Victron 50 amp dc-dc chargers which we’ll connect to the system so I can charge off the 175 amp output of my dual alternator system. That may turn out to be sufficient, so I may not need solar panels. (I do also have ability to connect to either 15, 30 or 50 amp shore power.) Anyhow, it’s cool to be cool. :slight_smile:


Looks nicely done. And juuuust in time.

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Though I think I’d print some covers for those exposed terminals even if there is an overall cover for the system.

Photo doesn’t show the covers that go over the big bus bars:

But there may be some other terminals that should also get covers.

Good. It’s just a good idea to closely cover any exposed electrical connections in a vehicle.

It’s too easy for something conductive to make its way in and cause trouble. Usually in the form of a fire.

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[Rich (ozindfw), Daniel (Modularmaker) and I were at DMS today and I was confused about connecting to 50a service at an RV park with my 30a 10 AWG cable. So I got back to Graham, the guy who installed my system for me, for clarification.]

[MP=(Victron) Multiplus inverter/charger which allows you to limit the input current via the screen or app]

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