Camera garage finds at my mother-in-laws

Recently, while clearing out my MIL’s place I came across some film cameras. I own quite a few Minolta, Canon and Nikon 35 mm cameras, as well as Kodak Instamatic type cameras and of course several Polaroid instant print like the SX-70 cameras, but I found a Canon Elph Jr image
and a Olympus XA in her garage. Both were wrapped and safely stored away as a result they are both in great shape.
image. The Olympus actually sells for a little money.($150-$200)

Interesting to me was the discovery of APS film, called Advantix film from Kodak. I really didn’t know much about it when it came out, but it is required for the Elph. Anyone ever used it? Apparently, it isn’t made any longer, but available from several sellers as cold-storage film.

As I have recently recovered several old cameras from my MIL I’m beginning to think maybe I should shoot a roll or two with them.

Anyone else nostalgic about these old film cameras? Have you had good luck with them?

I’ve used it before and even have a camera somewhere around here that accepts the Advantix film. I remember it having 2 maybe 3 different image formats with respect to the aspect ratio of the image.

I seem to mostly remember using it on a trip to England around 1997 or 1998. But apart from that trip, I don’t think I used it much since digital cameras were coming on the scene at that point.

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This was one of my favorite cameras that I’ve ever used.
I should have it squirreled away somewhere still.

They are still highly regarded among backpackers, too.

I was moving out of a 4 plex with a landlord that was a rat bastard. The last thing I did was take a roll of pictures with a disposable camera.

That served as proof in the Small Claim Court that I had not trashed the unit. He paid me 3x the deposit plus $100.

I have good memories of those type cameras.