Calendar Update - Aug. 2022

Hi All!

If I’ve done my job correctly, you will have noticed nothing different on our calendar. However, it’s been updated and we’ve fixed a couple nagging issues:

1 - FULL means FULL now. We located and fixed the query that was not calculating correctly
2 - Files should work correctly. The code there is a bit obfuscated, but they should be a lot more reliable than they were in the past.

It’s also on a new server and php version, making it a bit more secure. We’ve also done some work behind the scenes to make it easier to update.

Let me know if you encounter any issues, but please enjoy a slightly better experience.


Thanks for all of your hard work. I confess I’ve had a little difficulty from time to time scheduling classes.

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We’ll definitely be looking at some quality-of-life improvements in the future. Currently, we still have a couple of back-end things that need fixing, but it’s on the radar.

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Thank you!!

Thanks for you for your efforts! It is much appreciated!


Not sure it’s a calendar issue or active directory connection issue, but when I try to assign the active directory permissions through the calendar system I get the following error. I was able to manually add them…

People were also having issues activating badges in the commons area - so thinking it might be an active directory issue.


Thanks! Shouldn’t be anything different on the calendar but I’ll check into it. Could be an AD issue which we need to look into too


So apparently someone in the past decided that
if( development_environment) { skip_lots_of_code }
was a good idea… Meaning when we thought assignments were working, it really just skipped the code.

Worked through it last night and got a fix in. Thanks for letting us know!


Thanks for your service, and I know many others also are grateful.
Mike H