Cactus leather purchasing?

I’ve recently become aware of cactus leather, and I’d be interested to play around with it. Does anybody know where I can purchase it?

The only place I’ve found so far is Desserto, but I’m not sure yet on the pricing. I’m considering ordering the swatch book for $25 to play with but I haven’t yet.


looking at it, its still in the “Exclusive distribution” phase of production. they havent scaled up yet. ie only a small handful of botique producers have access to it

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This is SO cool. I have nothing substantive to offer in the way of advice, only that I’m happy to know of the existence of cactus leather.

If you do end up teaching on it later or sharing your knowledge somehow, I would be very interested in this, as someone who loves both cacti and sustainability.

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I love the idea of turning something like cactus into something useful like leather. Partially bc I like the idea of cactus farms.

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Intrigued, I went searching online. Here’s a pretty good write-up (albeit a little “rah-rah”):

Yup. That was one of the resources I found when I investigated Shay’s post. :slight_smile:

Really cool idea.

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