Cable/Wire Sleeve, Wrap, or Collar?

I put in a Rachio recently and wanted to hide/protect the wires coming from conduit to unit:

I just need a few inches of appropriate material, something like this:

Does Electronics have anything like this I can take a piece from?

Is that installed inside or outside? If outside they make a enclosure for it and I’d recommend it; very sturdy with a good sealed grommet for the cabling.

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Inside (garage), but I’ll check into the enclosure anyway…it may have some benefit for me. Mostly for wires that are there, I’d just like them to be a little better looking and organized and hazard-proof.

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I have some black plastic flexible wire protector as found on inferior cars, somewhat corrugated with a slit down the middle. You’re welcome to it as i don’t see a need for it.

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Altex in Addison sells all different types by the foot.

I bought some of this a couple weeks ago to clean up my milling machine wiring & hoses.

You could also move the control down 2" or add a short section of PVC, there are PVC pipes where one end is expanded to slip over another pipe.

Either of these fixes would be better at hiding your poor planning;-)

I have the same controller, its worked great and way nicer to be able to program it and test zones from your phone than I expected.

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Thanks! I’ll let you know if it ends up being best option.

If they have something in white (it’s still before Labor Day, right?), this seems like the way to go.

I’m just going to throw it away and start over. I mean the house.


Yep they have many colors. Technically it’s before Labor Day. Lol.

There is an added benefit of keeping rodents away from the wiring…

If he has rodents inside chewing on his wiring he needs to up his game from wire sleeve to something more potent!

Night vision and a pellet rifle comes to mind !

Don’t get me started on my friend, the shotgun and the attic. It did not go well…