Cable Modem recomendations?

Looking to purchase a cable modem to replace the generic rental one from Spectrum. Anyone have specific models they like? Currently looking at a Netgear C7000 on Amazon (reconditioned unit) since I’d rather avoid doing separate modem and wifi units. I also plan on adding a PiHole at the same time as i switch to the new modem.


I’m actually looking at doing the same thing myself. You can go trade in your modem at the Spectrum store. Ive been meaning to do that myself for sometime. In reality, Ill probably buy my own just because of being a pain to get to spectrum store.

I’ve always gotten the independent Arris/Motorola units. The Biggie is to ensure you future proof yourself a little bit with the better DOCSIS support even if it’s not currently running a higher gen protoco in your area

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The c7000 is a DOCSIS 3.0, so while not a 3.1 is capable of speeds far in excess of what I’m paying for (and I’m not wanting to pay the $ that 3.1 seems to command). Only thing I’d kinda like that it doesn’t have is WiFi6, but realistically I don’t have anything here that needs that speed anyways.