Building implosion sunday at dawn

Building implosion sunday dawn 2828 north haskell

Don’t miss it!


Wow… I’ve been in that building a few times.

This story says 7:45am detonation. Im planning on getting there 6:45am

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Does anyone here know if a countdown will be broadcast? I’d hate to be looking the other way when it happens.

There are warning sirens before the blast.
I found details on a miami blast on Google
2 long sirens 2 minutes before implosion
3 short sirens 15 seconds before implosion

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So if you ever happen to be walking by a big building and hear three short sirens AND have visited you’ll know to GTFO quick!

Failed charges?

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Uh oh. Seems that’d make it more complicated for the next round. Or maybe they just knock it over with a wrecking ball or something.

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And we think we have a dust problem…


I see they underestimated the core. Or maybe Carl tripped over the cord on the way out.

There are some things you can cheap out on, I dont think explosives are one of those things.


Yeh, when I saw the mostly intact core I figured they’ve created a worse problem for themselves. Now they have to work around an unstable and highly dangerous core and bring it down somehow.

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At least it is only the core that squatted, not a larger portion of the building. They say in the article that long arm excavators with concrete crusher heads are on the way in.

Do remember, too much explosive, and the shrapnel thrown at nearby buildings and spectators goes up.

That said, it looks like everything they had explosives on did fail correctly. From the article, it appears that they expected the 45 foot fall to generate enough inertia to keep crushing the rest.

But it appears to me they needed at least a partial pre cut and possibly more explosives to go a few more floors up on at least the side they wanted it to fall towards.

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Does anyone what happens to explosive charges that don’t go off in an implosion, is there some sort of time delay built in that renders them inert?

I was at the end of the empty field north of the building, great view, very surprised when that center section dropped and tilted, and stayed intact even after the dust cleared, i expected it to fall down just after we gave up and rode our bikes out of view. That must be a real pain for the demolition crew.

Nothing that renders them safe. Any that don’t go off are a serious risk to the crews cleaning up the debris pile. Cases where some fail, and the building stands I’m sure are a nightmare to figure out if it is safe enough to go run new det cord to whatever failed to run, and try again. I’m guessing that is almost never the right answer.

But I didn’t see any evidence that any failed to go off. They just under estimated the ability of the core to withstand landing after a 40 foot fall.