Building a Social Media Following for Creative People -- 10/28 at 7 pm

Hi folks,

Just wanted to send out a quick note about a new class that just hit the calendar – “Building a Social Media Following for Creative People.”

Love it or hate it, social media is a powerful tool. Building a compelling social media presence is one of the most efficient ways to get your projects noticed.

No matter what you’re creating – books, art, furniture, tools, etc. – this class will provide you with helpful frameworks and ways to think about social media and resonating with potential followers that will help you connect with more people who will be interested in your work.

You can sign up here: Events | Dallas Makerspace Calendar

Looking forward to teaching you what I’ve learned the hard way on this very subject! It should be a blast – and full of helpful takeaways.




Great class! TY for offering it!

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Thank you! I’ve done a bunch of consulting work on it in the past for clients – and it occurred to me that DMS members might be able to benefit from that knowledge as well. :slight_smile:

Should be a good session.

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