Buffer add list?

Is there someone who can add me to the list to use the buffer?
This is Evan

I did not add the buffer to the interlock, so you are free to use it. The correct contacts are the Metal Shop Chair and vice chairs.

I intend on revamping the bench grinder class on moodle(online). I am not going to spend time manually adding 100s of people to an AD. I plan to discuss this at the metal shop meeting this Saturday. Metal shop is short of teachers so I plan on having teach the teachers for a bunch of different classes in metal shop

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Should I remove the interlock from the grinders until this is in place?

Up to you. I am hoping to have that class up soon. I built the other moodle classes and they seem to work fine

Well, I was just thinking that I needed to learn the nuances of the bench grinders so that I could teach it. I’ll be unavailable on Saturdays until June, so I’m hoping that you’ll put up a link to this month’s minutes.