Broken piece repair

I made a mug with the idea of putting wood handle on after glaze firing. I managed to break it while I was fitting the handle. Since glue wouldn’t be strong enough to hold a handle and I had so much time already invested in the piece I figured I’d try bisque fix. I know it’s not intended for glaze fired clay but what did I have to loose. Amazingly it worked! Just a little bisque fix then a little glaze over the top and I can try again. No idea how strong a repair it is but at least there is hope. Just wanted to let you know there is an option to try if you break a piece and want to try re-attaching it.


Maybe make the handle a little shorter and include a rubber o ring (or two) to fill the gap?

Harbor Freight sells an assortment for pretty cheap, or you can go to the HD plumbing dept and buy a small pack for perhaps $4.


That was something I had thought about. Wood handles has some implications that have to be considered for sure. If it isn’t fully sealed and gets wet it will swell which could cause breakage as well. I had cut my handle long and was testing fit and adjusting trying to get a good fit when I broke it, mostly impatience with the process on my part. Once I get the handle the way I want I seal the entire handle with a resin coating to waterproof it before I mount on the mug.

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