Broken board trace repair

I bought a cheap electronic keyboard for the kids, then I fell on it. A couple of octaves won’t work, and it’s because the board inside broke and now several traces won’t carry a signal.

I don’t own any equipment to fix this, I don’t even own a soldering iron or flux. Would anyone like a job to fix this?

Did you open up the case so you could see the damage ?

If so, some photos might help. It’s hard to guess how big a job you’re talking about from the description alone.

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Sorry for the delayed response, thanks for the question.

I did peek inside and took a pic:

There’s a crack across all of the traces, and it’s possible that there’s a fold to the right that could be a problem.

If you remove the green coating with abrasives to expose the bare copper you can solder small wires on the traces to bridge the gap. Doable but easy to muck up because things are tiny.

I’d also get some adhesive in the crack before you try a solder repair.

Are there traces on the bottom of the board?


I’ve seen people walk through it on YT, but I lack any tools and experience. I’m hoping to pay a local hobbyist a reasonable amount to take those exact steps = )

It’s anchored with those screws, and I don’t have a tiny mirror to see underneath

Bring it to office hours Thursday and we can take a look

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