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A few days ago I was thinking about when I made my first breadboard Arduino a few years back. Would anyone be interested in a class to make a breadboard Arduino? I did the exercise years ago, then soldered the parts onto a PCB.

I could do a class for both, and the class could end with the student taking home what they make. Probably would need a small parts fee, and small PCB fee if people were interested in that portion of the idea.

Any thoughts or questions are welcome!

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@technick14 - I’ve done around 35 Arduino-ish classes over the last two years. I believe this would be an excellent addition to classes that several of us have been offering. I’ll help in any way I can. You are welcome to come to my class tomorrow (May 1) night, even if it is full. I generally arrive around an hour early and am available after the class if you want to come and talk. PM me if you would like to meet or talk at another time.

I will be in you first class!



Yes, please!


Thanks for the kind words Brady! I will message you!

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Thanks for your interest! Please let others know and spread the word. I am trying to order parts in multiple of 10 to get a reasonable price for the kits.

I am finishing up a re-design of the one I built years ago. There were a few problems, some of which I rectified after I built it. Then, I’ll make a prototype. If all goes well, hopefully order parts in a week or so for kits, as well as, the PCBs.


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Did this ever become a class???

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Class or not, this is a great learning experience that I think anyone interested in microcontrollers should do. It helps root out where the Arduino ecosystem ends and the rest of the world of electronics begins. You don’t know what you don’t know until you do it. It’ll be a necessary step for anyone wanting to launch a product. My first attempt circa 2010.

Also I hope someone does a class on this. :smiley:


The great thing about buying an Arduino is that within minutes of installing the IDE you can program a microcontroller! A disadvantage is that you will learn nothing about using a microcontroller outside the Arduino environment. This class could really go back to the basics.

Is Arduino of interest to DMS makers? Do we have room for another class? Absolutely YES! I posted three Arduino classes that hit the event calendar last Sunday afternoon. They were all full within 48 hours without posting a notice on Talk.

On a side note, Tanner has a supply of closeout Radio Shack breadboards on a steel base, pre cut wires and plastic case for $5.00. I bought a bunch for my classes and I’m switching over to them.


My background is EE but I’ve recently moved into the web dev space. My current interest is actually to flash my Adafruit Flora with Johnny-Five and write a progressive web app to control the board over Bluetooth from my phone.

It’s probably a bit advanced for some of these intro classes but if I figure it out I wonder if anyone would find value in it for costuming applications. Obviously JS is not the most common way to control a uC but I’m pretty interested in the prospect of being able to write essentially a full stack app that controls something IoT.

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I may not make it to the tanner’s table. If they still have some and you don’t mind I would like to buy one. All the electronics guys are lamenting how hard it is to see the clear one that came in the last kit :joy:


I will pick up a $5.00 breadboard/case/wires set for you. See you in class this afternoon.


Talk is a great place to throw out a request for who is interested? I’m not sure if you are possibly planning a class but I will help any way I can.


What are the benefits of a full stack app with JS for an IoT device? I generally stick with c or c++.

Hey Mike, I am finishing the PCB. I think it will be done in a few days. Then just waiting for the parts and PCBs to arrive. I’ll post here when I order the PCBs and parts. Planning for a class with 9 or 10 kits.

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Nice project Luke, looks great! I couldn’t agree more. I think everyone interested in Arduino should go through this exercise. Throwing a microcontroller on a breadboard shows you what makers had to do before platforms like arduino existed if you wanted to create embedded projects.

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The app is monolithic in that it is fully JavaScript based. So I can pair a popular JS front end like Gatsby that has PWA and hook it up to a familiar node process (facilitated by Johnny five). We generally don’t use c++ for back end. Though funny enough c++ is coming back with concepts such as web assembly. But I don’t think this is a good use case for that.

Thanks… I’ll watch for the post and class announcement!!

Updates on a potential class?

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Thanks for checking. Within a few days @NickWebb will be posting a couple of his Arduino: Sensors for Fun and Non Profit classes. I don’t want to collide so I’m waiting to post a couple in September and October until I see his schedule.

What class are you most interested in?

I’m in my RV in an undisclosed location in Colorado working on a new Arduino class. The name and components used in the class are classified until posted!

He was working on building an ARDUINO breadboard… or an ARDUINO clone…. he was

waiting for some PCBs……


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