Bottles available

If anybody wants any glass bottles, I have a ton of available for giveaway. Need to pick them up by the 31st, or they are going in the recycling though


A friend of a friend does use empties for a craft business and I wouldn’t mind taking them if no one else does. however, I will give first dibs to DMS folks who might use them for classes or personal projects.

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There’s like 80 bottles here. I am pretty positive that I can give your buddy half, and still leave enough for the DMS people LOL

it is very much first come first served. If someone else gets them first, they’re all gone

Do you collect bottles or hangovers?

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TLDR, I’ve been running a social organization out of my house, and that means I host a lot of parties. This is 18 months worth

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You can put them on the freebie shelf next to my bankers box full of wine corks lol

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Awww…A DMS freebie shelf love connection :purple_heart::heart:

If anyone should have some of the Blue Gin bottles they was to get rid of please let me know.

If you want them, I can definitely set them aside for you.

She’s talking about Bombay Sapphire. I didn’t see any in your pictures.

Are the bottles at DMS or where do they need to be picked up ? Id be interested in getting several if still available

They’re at my place in Central Dallas. You’d have to come get them. DM me for the address

Thanks, let me know when you have some.

Sorry, could not resist…

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