Borosilicate class interest

Hello! I wanted to mention that I was interested in the borosilicate class, but it’s happening at the same time as a ceramics class I already signed up for (and it’s full anyway). I know these classes usually happen on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and I’m working then, which will make it difficult to attend it at the usual time. I understand if it’s difficult to arrange something, I just wanted to express my interest in these classes since I’m not able to get to the one happening this Sunday. Thank you for considering me at least!

Honestly, I know classes are hard to get into. I am almost always at DMS afternoons every day of the week. I work a typical 9-5 job so I am not there during the day normally. I am also not really a morning person. If you want to talk/learn…find me. Ask for metal Max and someone will point me out.

My suggestion is to do exactly what you just did. Post on talk. Ping me or @msmurray411 directly and ask availability…or just show up, hang out, and watch. I can’t have a group of 20 people watching my class but 1-3 never bothers me. You can also help me out during the class if you want.

I usually teach people when I am just screwing around on my own projects. I will suggest watching YouTube if you really want to learn. Revere Glass is who I watch. To be honest, I don’t like teaching classes to entertain, I prefer to teach classes to people who want to learn the skill and then come back and practice and get better. Currently out of every 10 people I train, 1 person actually grows their skill and the other 9 just want to “see what it’s like” or “experience something new”. This goes for all areas not just glassworks.

Lastly, for everyone else who might read this, we are trying to grow lampworking at DMS. If you have any skill/interest in this area, please show up and ask me questions, watch me work, work with me, volunteer to teach….ect. I would be happy to meet you and we can teach each other.


When will you be teaching classes like this? :grin:


It doesn’t look too bad. Smaller is both easier and harder in hollow work. It’s easier to control but harder to get elegant lines.


I’m interested in the next beginner class as well.

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