Boat made out of Mycelium

I saw some updates and instructions in a mushroom group I am in on facebook. Looks like it works just fine as a canoe and they are still using it today. Thought it was cool and possibly doable. Not totally sure on all the costs though.


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Let’s do this! Even panels for furniture or attic insulation would be interesting.

I might be interested in a smaller project than the boat. Looks like it might take up a lot of space and weighs 100 pounds. I’m open to ideas.

There was a company that was growing pallets and packing corners from mushrooms as they are extremely bio degradeable.

Packing corners are what are on a TVs or dressers that is in a cardboard box. These are typically made from styrofoam which has near zip bio degrading properties.

If you are a TED Talk person. There is a talk about it.

With the mess plastics are making in the oceans. If a percent of this was made from mushroom roots, it is a 100% recyclable product. Very cool.

I went to an art show in Austin YEARS ago…probably 6 years now (wow) where they made the walls out of mushrooms. It was all about sustainability and patterns in nature that were synthesized…you could smell populations, they made playable records with music that was programed based on the trash found in the ocean…it was all about interconnectiveness but in a really unsettling way…like nothing was appealing about it.
I found this as well…thought it was interesting