Blacksmithing training

Hello, my name is Zane and I’m looking for someone to train me to use as much of the blacksmithing equipment as possible sometime in the next week. I’m free any day/time this week, and you can name your price. Please contact me at your leisure. Thanks so much!

There is an Intro to Blacksmithing and Open Forge scheduled for Sunday, 8 March.

There are currently 4 slots available.

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Thanks a bunch!

I would also be interested in intro to blacksmithing classes and would like to know if there are any classes for people with no experiences whatsoever? I missed the March 8th class. Also in general if we want to learn to use the equipment in a certain area of the DMS do we have to wait until a class is organized or can we schedule an introduction to the use of the equipment on an individual level?

The Blacksmithing equipment requires training. We do at least monthly beginning Blacksmithing classes (trying to do these on a regular schedule: 2nd Sunday of the month).

The induction forge and KMG grinder are taught together as a single class at least monthly. I (and others) can also do these on a weekday evening on an ad hoc basis. Reach out to me or (at)team_blacksmithing here on Talk to coordinate. I am usually at DMS on Thursday evenings.

There is a blue notebook in metal shop on the shelves next to the powder coat oven if you’d like to review the slides from these classes before training.

Aside: I see you just joined Talk. If you are currently a DMS member, request a “green dot” for your account here on Talk.

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That sounds great to me, yes I would like to meet with someone about learning about blacksmithing. When we agree on the day and time, would it be possible to to do a general tour of the facility? I’m interested of several areas outside of blacksmithing and welding and would like to know what resources are available and how to approach and complete my learning goals.

Thank you for your time, and I look forward to hearing from you.


Bryan Peña

re: Training

Regular classes are the most efficient way to train folks: that way perhaps 10 people can be trained in the time a single person might get trained via an ad hoc training session. Ad hoc may work best for less-used equipment or when a member’s schedule doesn’t permit attending a regular class.

There are other ad hoc options: the Metal Shop does ad hoc training as a follow-on to their cleaning/committee meeting on the 1st Saturday of the month. If you haven’t been able to take a regular class, shop up, invest some sweat equity, and get some training at the end of the day. I know 6+ folks were getting a CNC plasma class last week at the conclusion of the cleanup. I believe that:

  • Hot Process Safety,
  • MIG welding
  • TIG welding,
  • CNC Plasma, and
  • Powder coating
  • (and perhaps other training)

are all available through that route.

re: Tours

Our weekly Open House is the best time for you to meet other Makers and get a tour of the Makerspace. The event is open to the public and starts at 10:00am every Saturday until Noon .

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