Blacksmithing Inspiration - Make some Hooks!

Making hooks is a good way to stretch your mental and physical muscles while learning blacksmithing. They tend to use small amounts of material, come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and specific dimensions are usually not an issue so random pieces of steel can be used as a source.

John Switzer, author on the Black Bear Forge YouTube Channel, just completed a year long “Hook of the Week” series in which he created a new and different hook design and published a video on same every Sunday. I collected the list of the 53 hooks (yes 53 - he published two different Week 10 videos). I’ve included them below, along with a link to the Flickr Album “366 Hooks” by Matt Jenkins of Cloverdale Forge, in which Matt made a new hook every day for a (leap) year. The latter was the inspiration for the BBF series and is also well worth it for an inspirational look.

Black Bear Forge “Hook of the Week” Series

Week Hook Type URL
1 Simple Tulip Finial
2 Swivel Mount Ceiling Hook
3 Heart Finial Wall Hook
4 Inverted Plant Hook
5 Coat Hooks on a Backplate
6 Twisted Double Hook (Octopus Hook)
7 Bar and Pipe Swivel Hook
8 Tong Half Wall Hook
9 Square Tubing Hook Under the Hydraulic Press
10 Angle Iron Shelf and Key Hooks
(also) 10 Split and Scrolled Top Hook
11 Angle Iron Feather Hook
12 Forge Welded Double Hook
13 Eye Hook
14 Spade Finial Hook
15 Forging a Hook From Scrap
16 Mouse Tail Hooks
17 Forge Welded Scroll Hook
18 Rudy’s Hook
19 Fire Tool Hook
20 Drive Hook
21 Heart Hook
22 Coat Hook With Diamond Backplate
23 Nail as a Hook (With a Face)
24 Assorted Angle Iron Hooks
25 Four Way Split Hook
26 Special Purpose Hook
27 Interlocking Wrap
28 Trammel Hook
29 Railroad Spike Hooks
30 Square Knot Hook
31 Pierced One Piece Hook
32 Forge Welded Branch Hook
33 Railroad Spike Drive Hook
34 Forged Ceiling Hook
35 Spiral Top Hook
36 Spiral Hook with Ball Finial
37 Horseshoe Nail Hooks
38 Chiseled Decorative Elements Hook
39 Plant Hanging Hook
40 Split Backplate Coat Hook
41 Joes Rail Spike Hook
42 Coat Hanger
43 Ceiling Hook with Integral Mounting Flange
44 Forged Key Hook with Shelf for Wallet or Phone
45 Decorative Finial with Teardrop Punches
46 Rafter Tail Hook
47 Longhorn Steer Hook
48 Split Cross Hook
49 A Tale of Three Hooks
50 A Place to Hang Your Hat
51 Welded Double Hook
52 Hook of the Week final episode

Bonus Sometimes You Just Need to Start Over

This series was inspired by Matt Jenkins of Cloverdale Forge’s “366 Hooks” series from 2016