Blacksmithing Committee Report


Sunday 1-21-2018 items discussed and new chair elected
9 Members in attendance.

Major points of discussion

Election for new chair Ethan Western elected by unanimous vote.

Discussed rearranging items in Blacksmithing committee trailer, decision made to rearrange after open forge on the 28th.

Discussed rearranging the corner of metal shop which blacksmithing is being allowed to use. Committee work day for Thursday at 9pm Discussed, another post and event with more details will be made later.

Purchase of KMG-10 2 inch x 72 inch belt grinder discussed, the purchase will be made in the next couple days feel free to weigh-in on the topic, the exact package will be I have done quite a bit of research and this appears to be one of the easiest to use and adjust as well as one of the most reasonably priced 2"x72" grinders out there.

That is the majority of what we discussed, and I just want to say I am happy to be the new chair of the Blacksmithing Committee and look forward to helping building it up, helping people learn and get lots of use out of our equipment.

Knife Belt Sander?

Yay for belt grinder! Congrats on Chair Ethan


That’s awesome! Congratulations Ethan!

Looking forward to a belt grinder too. That will be fun!


Do we have a set date for the next open forge?


It’s looking like the 30th


I never saw an event posted


It’s up there, hope you can make it!