Blacksmith Equipment Training

When is the next training class for the blacksmith equipment? Is it possible that someone would do 1 on 1 training? I just moved here from Maryland and have been obsessed with blacksmithing for over 2 years now. Before I didn’t have access to equipment and I’m very excited to get started.


We do intro to the induction forge classes a few times each month and open forge at least once each month, sometimes twice. Those will be showing up on the calendar after the holidays.

On January 12, we’re having a special event with the North Texas Blacksmiths Association at the space. We’ll have their members coming out to the DMS to share ideas and make stuff out of metal. The special subject of the day will be hot punching, we’ll bring out all the bigger equipment and will probably even serve breakfast. That’s the next thing currently on the schedule and everyone is invited- it’s a great learning opportunity. There’s a lot of experience and passion for artisinal metalwork in that group.

As for one on one training, I’m pretty booked until after new years, but if you’ll hit me up with a week night that works for you, we may be able to work something out in early 2019.


Sorry to jack the thread, but can you tell us more about this?
Is the public /are non members welcome?
Is there advertising anywhere?
Can we put something on the DMS blog about this?
(Got any pics we can use to represent the intended scope of the function if so?)

Sure! The NTX blacksmiths meet about once each month. It’s a travelling meeting that takes place at various shops, metal studios, and museums around the metroplex. There is generally a topic of the day (hot punching in this case) and a bunch of blacksmiths talking and trading ideas. Some are armatures, some are dedicated professionals- it’s a pretty good mix.

Yep. All are welcome and we’ll have accommodations for non members to sign the waiver, etc.

Not yet., I’ve spoken to @talkers about it and I’ll be sending him some copy today.

Probably? Not really my area of expertise.

Sure, here’s a link to their event page for this event:

Here’s a video of the last meeting:

are some pictures from past meetings.


I was more asking if it was OK with you and/or the Association for us to so do. Maybe John will include me in the plans for what PR is doing and I can stick something on the blog about it…

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It is 100% ok with both us and the association, we’d greatly appreciate the help. The copy on the NTBSA facebook event is a good start as to a summary of the event.

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Preliminary blog post created.
Here’s the preview:

I’d like to wait for John to let me know if he’s OK with what I’ve done before it gets published (and to make sure I’m not squashing any of PR’s plans).


Looks great to me!

@talkers can you approve this and use whatever information you need to make a facebook event/ post on the DMS facebook page? Let me know if you need additional information. Thanks!

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The NTXBA has been in a rebuilding phase for the last couple of years, starting with a small group of 5-6 enthusiasts working to re-energize the club. They are pretty excited that meeting attendance is steadily increasing over time. (No, I’m not a steel-banger, but I proofread the newsletter for the editor.) In any case, they welcome any and all interested parties. And truthfully, some of their members have introduced other smiths to DMS. Indirectly, the NTXBA/DMS connection is what got me here.

In addition to the Facebook page, they also have a website.
Event calendar doesn’t seem to be updated, though.


Have gone ahead and released this into the wild.
I will beg forgiveness for do-ocracying it if I’ve managed to FUBAR someone else’s plans…


Looks good. Thanks!


I’d like to second this topic, I’m looking through the calendar and can’t find a class on the induction forge or other blacksmithing equipment.

Am I not looking in the right place? or should I just keep checking in until something’s posted?

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Keep checking. It’s been a busy month for your friendly neighborhood blacksmithing committee. There should be some stuff available soon.

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There is one on Jan 27:

Click the green By Category button in the upper right corner of the page and select Blacksmithing.


The class I took last week wasn’t listed under the blacksmithing category. I always check both that category and metel shop.

What day and who taught it?

I don’t remember his name but he did say it was his first class.

The only thing I see that jumps out as being blacksmithing on the calendar between1/8 and 1/19 is the NTX Blacksmithing event you hosted…

@danielbeck do you see the event you attended on this list?

That’s kinda what I was thinking. I looked and didn’t see anything.

I’ve been watching the event calendar for a induction forge class and I haven’t seen one. I read on talk that training wasn’t required, but when I got there it read otherwise. Two people said that there was a class Sunday. I have a less than 2 weeks to get the project done, is there any way to get trained on the induction forge?