Black walnut wood available

For better scale. A lot of big pieces but there are smaller ones too.

can i get in on the carpool thing tomorrow?

At those sizes, a short bed F150 might only hold 5 pieces, and you may want ramps to load them.

I ended up going last night, sorry

Did you leave some behind?

Tons! I grabbed 4 pieces

Sorry, I think I missed your message. If you’re able to come Sunday, I’ll be home all day.

I should be by around 3:20 or 3:30.

I know how old this post is, I apologize if I’m resurrecting a dead thread, but I am curious if any of this is still laying around? I expect not but given that it’s black walnut I feel compelled to check :slight_smile:

It is, actually. It isn’t under cover, so it’s been rained on several times, but it is still available in the backyard. I can take some pictures tomorrow. By the time i get home tonight it will be dark.


I would be interested in some of this too.

Awesome! I’m excited! I would love to come by and pick up however much I can without being a jerk :slight_smile: When can I swing by? I don’t get out of work until about 5:30 during the week but I can take a nice long lunch if needed, you are about 20 minutes away from my office.

Thank you!

The original post is from July. Do you still have any available? If so, I’m interested. Thank you!

if you have any small pieces left I wouldn’t mine one or two :smile:

Yeah I had assumed it had all been picked up

I should have found a more covert way of asking that didn’t alert everyone that there was still a pile of beautiful black walnut around :slight_smile::rofl:

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There are also smaller, skinny branches of different lengths. My fiancé will be home all day tomorrow and i know we’ll be home Saturday all day for sure.


I sent you a DM, would love to stop by tomorrow during my lunch break if possible.